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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

East Avenue Medical Center 6 north.. Hospitel

Ever heard of a Hospitel? :) A hotel inside a hospital

Hotel or Hospital? Both.

East Avenue Medical Center known for being "Malinis at Mabango" Hospital and for catering almost all the charity patient here in Quezon City and the nearby area, Also known for being  Center of Excellence and a premiere tertiary category DOH hospital, which also has a reputation for being the best general hospital in The Country.... :)

East Avenue Medical Center had opened its newly renovated private rooms loacated at 6th Floor North Wing last february 14, 2012. 6 north


There, suite rooms match luxury hotels in comfort. Each has wall-to-wall carpeting, a kitchen equipped with refrigerator, a reception area, color TV, telephone, and of course is air-conditioned.

As you step inside , you will notice the dramatic architecture and avant-garde interiors matched with amenities and services that create a hotel-like ambience.

    You will feel pampered at East Avenue  Medical Center, then we would have achieved our objective which is to create a healing environment that brings you as close as possible to the comforts of your own home.


  1. nice...
    hotel but hospital...

  2. nice post! thanks for the visit!

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  4. Nice... it can be a hotel and a hospital at the same time :D
    East Avenue Medical Hotel ;)

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  5. ganda naman....para tuloy ang sarap nagpa-confine....hehehehe

  6. I really like this blog post and Thanks for the information about.

  7. This blog is very nice. Everything is design in well manner. I am finding this type of information from long time.

  8. How much per day nman kya?

  9. been here this saturday, nice share

  10. LOL! That's a COOOL Hospital! hahahaha! :D Nice pics! :D

  11. Hospitel is a new term for me :)
    A comfy hospital indeed.

  12. I've never been there, but it sounds like a good hospital. Been only at the St. Lukes Global City Taguig. It is also nice there.


    Thanks for visiting btw.

  13. cool Sir! grabe ngayon ko lang to nakita! astig pala sa taas.. makadalaw nga minsan

  14. how much po per day sa room na yan?

  15. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.