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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom.... Up up and Anchors Away....

Enchanted kingdom is almost an hour approximately from Cubao… Its my third time going to EK… Let me share with you my enchanted day at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We went there via Jam Bus Liner at around 3 pm and arrived at almost 4pm.
Me and my girlfriend had plan to go here during weekdays… so that we can avoid a crowded Enchanted kingdom during weekdays… but the unexpected happened.. It was a “field trip day” for elementary and high school kids coming from different schools. We could see almost 50 0r 60 buses appproximately.. so much for the not so crowded idea.. hehe.. For us not to spoil the fun, we still entered the EK..
There are different prices for the package that you want. I mean, you can choose of either going for the ride all you can ticket or just for specific rides. I say you go for the ride all you can and try all the rides! The last time we went here there were promos and discount for governmnt employees.. but its not available at this moment…
You should grab a map before exploring the EK world…Grab a hold of the EK map so you won’t get lost… im sure you will not … :Pits not as big as i thought before… but having a map will help…
I suggest that you ride the ‘wet rides” – Jungle log jam and Rio Grande Rapids last. So that it won’t spoil your day. had not tried the jungle log… be sure to have an extra shirt or pants… definitely you’ll get wet here…

The Biggest ride (in terms of size) in enchated kingdom is the Wheel of Fate. Riding this biggie will let you see and enjoy the view of the whole theme park and beyond….

The next ride is the most feared ride of them all… Some people don’t imagine riding this.. some even say “i think i’ll die now” by just looking at it! It is the SPACE SHUTTLE!…… my last time in Ek with firends, all of us tried it.. even ladies… and that’s when i found out that the Space Shuttle is a fun ride!…. for me i had more problem riding anchors away than in space shuttle…. :p
One of the freakiest and scariest rides in EK is the Anchors away… When you ride it, its like it is pulling all your insides. Its like you’ll fall down specially when you are seated on the last row… and its repeated almost 8- 10 swings…The secret of conquering Anchors Away is to “let go” and scream as loud as you can..!!!!!! as my girlfriend told me… so i did…. its a hell of a experience.. but it was fun… we had fall in line again after the first try hehehe… .. the second try its not as bad as the first try… i can say that i enjoyed…the next time my girlfriend will ask me… “scared”? i can proudly say… “in anchors away”?, “never” :Phehehe

another attraction here is the “peryahan” ( dont know exactly its name)… you need some luck and skills here to win some cute stuff toys.. some of them are small or if you are luckier you could bring home a huge stuff toy…

There are other rides in Ek that you should all experience…
Dodgem, Roller Skater,Up, Up & Away, Bump N’ Splash, Grand Carousel, Flying Fiesta, Swan Lake. If you think that its only for grown ups.. your wrong.. kids will also enjoy rides in Boulderville Express, Bumbling Boulders, Air Pterodactyl, Stone Eggs, Dinosoarus.
But EK is not all about rides… they have the Rialto..
Brooklyn’s motion simulator theater which combines sight, sound and movement. Here, one does not merely watch a movie – one is actually in the movie! Catch the Funhouse Express, the electrifying simulator film from Iwerks which takes us through the twists and turns inside a carnival’s funhouse.
They also now have Paintball and Kart Trak – kart racing! Speaking of cars.. there’s also bumper city…

the park had closed early.. i think it was just 7 or 8 pm.. no fireworks that night… but im still satisfied and i had enjoyed my short stay there…. i had learned a lot from EK, different experience and how can i say this, a different way of having fun.. somewhat in a childish way though, it was fun….
I had conquered my fear…. i had conquered anchors away…. :Phehehe

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