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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao.... ThePeoples champ or The Judges Champ...????

Without a doubt Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is a great and a strong boxer.. Our 8th time world champ carries our flag every single fight that he had.. for our pride and glory..
Every time that he had a fight.. each and every Filipino here in the Philippines and around the world supports him… as if time stops… almost everybody is inside their home and watches him fight via television or in a movie theater.. They said that crime rates in Metro Manila drops and a violent free Mindanao during Pacman’s fight..
Today as he fought Juan Manuel Marquez.. who is also a great boxer , a co-talented and strong boxer as well… Everybody expected that Pacquiao will knocked out Marquez until the 6th round but it ended in a disappointment.. although Manny did great and showed heart for many people Marquez did better… As the 12 round fight ended.. most Filipinos were dissapointed the way the fight has resulted… Manny got beaten up by Marquez several rounds in the fight… but in the end because no one had been knocked out its up to the judges score and point of view who will be the winner…

Judge Robert Hoyle had it a draw, 114-114, . But judge Dave Moretti favored Pacquiao 115-113 and and Glenn Trowbridge had Pacquiao winning 116-112.. Manny won by a majority decision…The crowd was angry at the decision and several Marquez fans threw drinks toward the ring booing Manny.Upon hearing the decision, Marquez and his team stormed out of the ring.
I hope there will be a 4th fight and i hope that there will be a clearer winner….

still i still believe in Manny Pacquiao.. the Filipino champ, the world champ and my champ..

Lessons learned: Never give up.... Show your heart....