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Born and raised (and some say hatched) :P in the Philippines, , but expanding my wings. want to have friends.. Started blogging to basically write about subjects that just pop into my head for some reason. That's what I do in my blog and that's why it's called Blogorama. You never know what comes up next. Favorite quote: "In heaven all interesting people are missing..." you are free to visit my post as much as you want. I would appreciate it if you could leave any comments/ suggestions to my post through my chatbox. Thank you very much As such, I am truly thankful to those who've become my friends and equally grateful to those who take the time to visit my blog. Thank you. I've put up this extra guest book so you can let me know you've visited. You know what to do :)


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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My first Blog......

welcome guys… I'm Ron, a nurse, 2 yr nurse here in the Philippines.. i have a tiring job here and have a lousy monthly salary that's why i want to go abroad as soon as possible.. Australia, Canada or US maybe.. its all about the money..money..money… hehehe kidding.. I'm doing this blogging thing as a preparation or my I.E.L.T.S. exam. sooner I will take that exam but first i have to improve my English writing skills… :P
its been a while since my last blog post.. woo…they say that there's “always a first time” here it is.. my first English blog, I'm not that good in English but its worth a try all of my blogs before where in Tagalog (Filipino).. I'm kinda having my nose bleeding right now he he… but i guess its worth a try… :P
i can say that my blogs will be free style , will not focus on anything in particular but i hope that i could come up with an idea that will satisfy my readers and me of course.. i don't care if ill be the worst English blogger that you will find or if my blogs would be non sense in your perspective… i told you before that i suck in English but I'm just trying to express my self here trying to unleash the monster blogger within me hehe :p it might take some time and i hope its not forever heehaw .. besides the blog world is huge, maybe there are worse blogger there somewhere i think and wish that there will be… :p hehe
feel free to comment, i need your feedback.. so that i will improve…
Eventually, i will try again, If i come up with a great idea of what to write… Ill let my dedicated readers know… if there will be hehehe.. for now ill have to think and try to write my ideas and i hope that the monster blogger idea will not just remain as a dream..:P
here is a present for you… my first corned beef..i personally cooked it for you…


  1. Hello, promote ka ni Kikilabotz. Okay lang free style ang blog, kami din kung ano maisip yun na.

    thanks for the corned beef. That's my viand tonight.

  2. Parang si kiKi lang yung nagsusulat ah. Lmao.

  3. same case here. before this i wrote my blog just for fun. but since i'm now taking a-level and have to sit for IELTS next year, so i'm working very hard ( i suppose) to improve my english and my blog is one of the ways. nice :)

  4. Oh so you go for IELTS ..suggesting you need to read magazins out loud as if youre an anchorman..or watch english movies...goodluk ron!! andy here

  5. this blog of yours are almost same old as my blog Fit and Fashion Mom
    which I just started it last October

  6. great job bro ^_^ makagawa nga din pag may time hehe

  7. ..done viewing,dmi kong ntutunan sa blog n kya"RON, thank'z alot. .